This depends on the size of the package and how much of a variety you would like.
Some people bring just one outfit change, others like to change every 10 min.
As a rule of thumb, 4 outfits per hour are easy to capture.

There is no must for makeup but I see the benefits of it.
I’m well connected with makeup artists that cater to any taste.

I love mood boards in order to collect inspirations. Whether you send me your photo ideas, I come up with a collection or we co-create a mood board, it’ll help us with planning our session.

No. After having lived and worked in Bali for 12 years, I know an abundance of places. Outdoor as well as rental Villas and I am more than happy to share those details with each of my clients. If you know of a place you love, I’ll be happy to be there for the shoot.

After I send you a big number of proofs (previews) via a sleek gallery, you get to choose what you love most. If you want more images than there are included in your package, I offer great deals on those additional orders.

Yes, absolutely. Part of what I love about my work is matching styles to existing brands, people’s tastes.

I like to keep up the momentum and try to deliver your images to choose from within one to two weeks.

Once you have chosen your favourites, I look closely into each image and do some fine tuning, aka magic. This process takes about one week to maximum two.

I am passionate about retouch and beautifying. Since it’s a time intensive process, I include skin retouch on all images (removing pimples) but not body shaping. The latter is an affordable add-on we can talk about.

You get all the rights to use your images as you please for your own purpose. If a third party is interested in your images, we will agree on the terms. Neither you nor me can sell images to others or give permission to use them – they are all copyrighted and therefore protected.

Payments are made in 2 steps. a 50% deposit payment in order to lock in your date and the remainder of the day of the shoot. In case of unexpected circumstances, we either find an alternative date or you get a refund.

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